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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Your Car

Did you know that your car’s air conditioner loses efficiency over time without regular maintenance?

Auto Fix Car Care Center’s Air Conditioning Service Includes

Compressor and Condenser Checks

The compressor and condenser are the core of your car’s air conditioning system. Belt-driven, the compressor heats (compresses) refrigerant gas for transfer to the condenser. The condenser then cools the refrigerant to a high-pressure liquid. If your compressor and condenser aren’t in tip-top shape, your air conditioner will not produce cold air.

Receiver Replacement and Maintenance

The receiver collects the refrigerant. The receiver is important because it filters out particles and harmful acids that would otherwise harm your AC system. The receiver (also called a drier) should be replaced every 3-4 years to ensure optimum performance and prevent damage to your AC system.

Orifice Tube (Expansion Valve) Inspection

The expansion valve (also known as an orifice tube) regulates the flow of refrigerant through your AC system by converting the high-pressure liquid refrigerant that comes out of the condenser into a low-pressure liquid that can enter the evaporator. A properly functioning orifice tube is essential for your AC system. Without the regulation and control of the expansion valve, the evaporator would be harmed by the high-pressure liquid refrigerant from the condenser.

Evaporator Maintenance and Replacement

The evaporator is another main heat exchange in your vehicle. In fact, the evaporator is where refrigerant spends most of it’s time, meaning that like the receiver the evaporator is highly susceptible to corrosion and requires regular maintenance.

Don’t wait until your air conditioning is just blowing hot air, schedule a maintenance appointment with our factory-trained technicians!

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