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Analysis and Service for Your Car's Onboard Computer

Your car is far more than a complex system of belts and pistons. Modern cars also have highly sophisticated onboard computers that control everything from the radio to exhaust sensors. The network of sensors that monitor your car’s performance allow the onboard computer to make complex decisions and send commands to various systems.

When one of the sensors alerts the computer to a problem, you check engine light comes on. The professionals at Auto Fix will not only analyze your car’s computer to determine what sensor caused the check engine light (and fix the issue), and also check the overall status of your onboard computer and sensors.

A flashing check engine light requires immediate attention to prevent serious, often expensive repairs.

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Repair or Service of $100 or more.

Most Vehicles. See store for details. Not valid with other offers/discounts.

Expires: 12/31/2024

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